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NORTHBROOK, Ill., April 17, 2024 – Allstate customers have a choice to opt into the Allstate app’s safe driving features and those who do are safer on the road, according to Allstate and its mobility data and analytics partner Arity.

Allstate found customers who choose to use Drivewise are 25% less likely to have a severe collision than those who don’t.1 Driving behavior research from Arity also reveals that Drivewise customers handle their phones less, speed less and hard brake less on average than other connected drivers by as much as 44%.2 Drivewise is an optional usage-based insurance feature that customers can sign up for through the Allstate app to get safe driving feedback after each trip and help save money on their policy.

Among the 100 most populous urban areas in the U.S., average Drivewise customers compared to other connected drivers:

  • Handle their phones 44% less while driving.
  • Spend 23% less of their driving distance traveling at high speed.
  • Have an 11% lower rate of hard braking.

“We offer customers the choice to pay a rate based on their driving,” said Ginger Purgatorio, executive vice president at Allstate. “We find that when customers choose to use Drivewise on their Allstate mobile app, they tend to drive safer. And those who drive safer not only get in fewer accidents, but also can save money on their auto insurance.”

Severe accidents signal need for safer driving

Leading safety advocates show motor vehicle fatalities in the United States remain at a devastatingly high level, increasing 13.6% in 2023 compared to pre-pandemic 2019. Speeding, distracted and impaired driving contribute to tens of thousands of lives lost in preventable crashes on U.S. roads each year, including the nearly 45,000 people who died in crashes in 2023.

Drivewise evaluates and helps educate on driving behaviors that can contribute to these issues, including speed, braking and how often customers use their phone while behind the wheel. Additional features like crash detection services can quickly connect customers with help when they’re in an accident. More information about Drivewise can be found at

Where are the safest drivers?

More of these findings will be revealed alongside the upcoming 16th Allstate America’s Best Drivers Report®which will include a ranking of the top 100 U.S. urban areas by driving behavior, such as phone handling, high-speed driving and hard braking.

About Allstate

The Allstate Corporation (NYSE: ALL) protects people from life’s uncertainties with a circle of protection including cars, homes, electronic devices, benefits and identity theft. Products are available through a broad distribution network including Allstate agents, independent agents, major retailers, online, and at the workplace. Allstate is famous for the slogan You’re in Good Hands with Allstate®.

About Arity

Arity is a mobility data and analytics company that provides data-driven solutions to companies invested in transportation, enabling them to deliver mobility services that are smarter, safer, and more economical. Arity collects and analyzes trillions of miles of driving data to create a greater understanding of how people move. With the world’s largest driving dataset tied to insurance claims collected through mobile devices, in-car devices, and vehicles themselves, Arity derives unique insights that help insurers, developers, marketers, and communities understand and predict driving behavior at scale. Arity was founded by The Allstate Corporation in 2016.


¹Allstate data comparing accidents of Drivewise customers against non-Drivewise customers where bodily injury claims costs exceed $100,000.

2Arity data comparing driving behavior of Drivewise customers against Arity’s approximately 40 million connections of other drivers. Drivewise customers make up about 5% of Arity’s total active connections. For this analysis, phone handling is calculated when a customer’s smartphone is in use while a trip is in progress; High-speed driving is calculated when a customer drives over 80 mph; Hard braking is calculated when a customer decelerates more than 7 mph in one second. Data is based on the location of a trip and not the zip code of a customer or their vehicle. Drivewise Mobile savings are not available in California and Alaska. This report is produced solely to boost the country’s discussion about safe driving and to increase awareness of the importance usage-based insurance programs like Drivewise play in being safe and attentive behind the wheel. The research is not used to determine auto insurance rates.

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